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Find cloud resources quickly and easily – AWS Resource Explorer

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Sometimes looking for something in the AWS cloud was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, thanks to the new AWS service, this has become trivial. Now you can find resources from multiple regions in one place.

You can search for resources, for example, by name…

AWS resource explorer
AWS resource explorer – Resource Search by name

You have the option to use filters when using AWS Resource Explorer. Filters make searching much easier.

aws filters
AWS resource explorer – filters

However, the best part is that if you want to quickly find a specific resource from any region, you do not need to run the AWS Resource Explorer service at all. Once you turn it on, you can search for resources even using the top bar. So easy, and fast.

AWS search resources

AWS Search Resources

Don’t wait just try it out and make your life easier.

AWS Resource Explorer

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