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Microsoft Azure exam at home

Microsoft Azure exam online at home 2022

I wanted to pass a Microsoft exam, but not specifically go to an exam center, so I took the option to take the exam online.

I will present below what it looked like. Maybe it will be useful to someone and will also decide to pass some Microsoft exam online.

Purchasing an exam:

At this link you will find the list of exams and certifications from Microsoft:

You need to find the exam what you want to pass and click “Schedule Exam“.

scheduled microsoft exam

We will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account and provide your data, or confirm it, if you have taken the exam before, as in my case.

When it’s finished, we’ll be able to move on to Pearson VUE.

microsoft dashboard
microsoft dashboard

Now we choose where we want to pass, of course I indicated at home.

pass at my home or office

By clicking on “Run pre-check” we can check if our computer meets the conditions for taking the exam. If we want to take the exam on a different computer, we can easily check it at any time.

microsoft system check

Here you will find more information about the exam itself and a list of Microsoft’s hardware requirements:

The most important requirements that our computer must meet:

Operating SystemWindows 10, Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS 10.13 and above (excluding beta versions)
FirewallDo not take your exam in a setting with a corporate firewall (including VPN), or alert your Network Administrator to the network configuration requirements.
DisplayMinimum Resolution: 1024 x 768 in 16-bit color.
Internet BrowserThe newest versions of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for web registrations or downloading the secure browser or Internet Explorer 11.
Internet ConnectionA consistent connection speed of 1 Mbps down/up is required.
WebcamWebcam must have a minimum resolution of 640×480 @ 10 fps.

Now we have to read and check all conditions to proceed …

microsoft exam conditions

One of the most important information is that no other person can appear in the room where we are taking the exam. No member of the household can speak loudly or shout in the next room (watch out for children !!!), because the exam will be interrupted and canceled without a refund. It is even forbidden to read the exam questions aloud.

After approving a few things, you will finally be able to choose the date and time of the exam. Check which time zone you have set.

microsoft exam date

Now all that’s left is to confirm what we have chosen and pay for the exam.

The important information is that we can use a voucher that you can get from Microsoft on various occasions or … from the employer 🙂. Read more about the free exams in the blog post

voucher exam

Before exam:

It is important that the place where you pass is clean, without any personal things, electronic devices, no cards or books. The room should be locked. No other person may be in it. There should be silence, no noises, no sounds, no conversations etc.

You cannot wear a watch, you may be asked to show your hands. If you have long hair covering your ears, you may be asked to expose them.

You cannot take any breaks for any reason. No drinking, eating or other breaks.

Additional monitors must be turned off / unplugged, preferably inverted or covered.

Full list of requirements here:

Starting the exam:

It’s best to start the microsoft exam ahead of time. It takes a while to prepare and there may be technical problems like mine.

We log on Microsoft dashboard:

After clicking “Start a previously scheduled online proctored exam“, we will be redirected to the “pearsonvue” page to download the application through which we will pass the exam. Once launched, you will need to:

  • take a picture of yourself,
  • take a photo of the place where you take the exam,
  • take a photo of your ID (ID card / driving license) from 2 sides,
  • you can provide a phone number, in case of technical problems it may be useful,
  • we will receive a questionnaire to fill in and information on the course of the exam to be approved again

Only when we meet the above conditions will we be able to take the exam.

If you provide your phone number, you will receive a link via SMS which will take you to Then you will be able to take a photo of yourself, your surroundings and your identity document with your phone. Otherwise, the computer camera will have to suffice.

A small note here, I was having technical problems. My driving license was poorly visible on the webcam and I had to take another photo. Fortunately, the second time was ok 🙂

During the exam you will be constantly filmed on your webcam. The exam itself is the same as at the exam center. After its completion, you will be shown whether you have passed and how many points you have earned. The ‘beta’ version of the exams are an exception, their results may appear later.

I personally encourage you to take your exams online and wish you good luck and as little stress as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to write. As always, you can catch me in person or through LinkedIn.

Extra 30 minutes:

You may have an extra 30 minutes of time if English is not your native language. More info on, just complete and send the form to [email protected].

If you would like to find out how I prepared for the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam, you can check out this post: