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One browser multiple AWS / Azure accounts at the same time

one browser multiple aws azure cloud accounts

How to log into multiple AWS / Azure accounts in one browser at the same time without using incognito mode?

When I work on many accounts at the same time, check and test something, one thing really irritated me.

When I was logged into one account, but I also had to log into another account in the next tab to check or compare something, and when I went back to the previous tab, I was logged out.

To avoid this, I’ve used different browsers and incognito mode, but there’s a better way. What’s a better way?

In the video, I talk about what and how you can use to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time in one browser:

  • I have been using this method for a long time. You just need to install the firefox “multi-account container” browser add-on. You can use this with any cloud.
  • The equivalent of this in the ‘Chrome’ browser is probably ‘profiles’.


I will probably out of habit use the firefox add-on more, but as you see there are many ways to achieve this goal.