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AWS vs Microsoft Azure: Which Cloud Certification Is Better

AWS vs Microsoft Azure Which Cloud Certification Is Better

If you want to work with the cloud and you are faced with the choice of AWS or Azure. Then let me make your choice easier or even more complicated 🙂

AWS vs Azure: Which certification is better

If you are thinking about increasing your competences. You want to take care of the cloud, but you don’t know which one. This is good news. Good for a person who will later want to confirm their competences by passing the exam and receiving a certificate.

Cloud certificates are granted for a specified period of time, usually 1 – 3 years. After this time, they expire. If you want to have a valid certificate, you have to pay for the exam again and pass it. However, not in every cloud.

One of the clouds gives you the opportunity to renew your certificate FREE of charge six months before its expiry. Note, this is not the end of good news, because you are not passing the normal exam, only the online test. Single or multiple choice. Unfortunately, it is not easy, but here’s another good news, you can repeat it once a day until you pass it, or until your certificate expires. If your certificate will expire, I’m sorry. Then, you will have to pass the normal exam.

Keep your head up, Microsoft reminds you several times in e-mails that your certificate is expiring.

If you don’t forget it, just like me. Then you will surely pass this test stress-free. You finally have half a year to pass 🙂

Below is my YouTube SHORT:

Azure vs AWS: Which cloud certification is better 2022

7 days left

Yes, I have 7 days to renew my Microsoft Azure Administrator certificate. It is thanks to the fact that Microsoft reminds about the expiration of the certificate several times that I have recently realized it.

azure 7 days renew egzam  2022
Renewal Azure Administrator Associate

My true story. Thats all me :). I was a bit nervous because now I mainly work with the AWS cloud. Fortunately, I passed the online test before my certificate expired. I must admit that the test is getting more and more difficult every year. Yes, from year to year, because such a certificate has to be renewed every year. I have several certificates, and I renew all of them every year.

azure certificates 2022
Azure Certifications 2022

Cool or not? Certainly less stressful than a regular exam. Another advantage is that you are more up to date with the cloud, because you always have to learn something before the test;)

On the other hand, the AWS cloud has the fact that if you have several certificates, e.g. associate and expert, it is enough to pass the expert exam again. Then the associate certificate will be renewed automatically. You don’t have to pass every year, but you pass once every 2 or 3 years. The downside is that this is a normal exam and you have to pay for it.


I always recommend learning the cloud that the company you currently work for or would like to work for is using.

However, I really like the fact that certificates in Azure can be renewed for free. So far, the IT community treats certificates from the top 3 clouds equally, no matter how you renew them. However, if something is for free, will its value not lose its importance? Or maybe other cloud providers will go in the same direction and enable free renewal of their certificates? What will happen? Time will tell 🙂

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