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On this page you will find video materials that are mostly created by me. The videos cover topics related to cloud computing with AWS, Azure, Kubernetes Automation and so on. Video materials from my speeches at meetups and conferences can also be found here, if I can put them here.

You can find more of my videos on my YouTube channel, don’t miss new episodes subscribe.

EC2 cross-region Transit Gateway peering connection 2024 | Hands-On – AWS tutorial

AWS VPC peering connection 2024 | Practical tutorial with examples Part 1/2

Lambda cold start – warming up | Tutorial with demo

6 tips from DevOps Technical Recruiter | Job Interview 2023

Cross account IAM – How to use IAM role from another AWS account | demo tutorial 2023

How to get information about ec2 from ec2 (IMDS) Best Practices & Practical demo tutorial 2023

How to find all GP2 volumes in all regions using Amazon Lambda? | AWS tutorial

7 ways to delete data from S3 | AWS Tutorial 2023

API Gateway & Lambda – how to use API_KEY | security

How to fix Session Manager – Quick Tip – AWS SSM Agent | Tutorial 2022

Life after work – GFT Summer Fest (unofficial video by Wojciech) | work-life balance

AWS Lambda Function & S3 trigger | tutorial – How to copy files from one bucket to another
How to Monitor EC2 Memory Usage – EC2 Custom Metrics in AWS CloudWatch – 2022
AWS S3 Lifecycle Rule | Guide – How to add, configure, use | tutorial 2022 automation

How to get $500 Credits | Join AWS Community Builders 2022 | SWAG Kit Unboxing | Program Benefits

How to set up an AWS billing and budget alerts | tutorial 2022 | step by step guide
How to create IAM user with MFA in AWS – 2022

How to use IAM ROLE in AWS? | How to connect EC2 to S3 without credentials | Tutorial 2022 – guide

More videos can be found on my Youtube channel – Wojciech Lepczyński – YouTube