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Me & my blog

Hello, I’m glad you’re reading this. I have been blogging for several years and a lot has changed. I am changing, my blog is changing and the whole world is changing. Below you will find some information about me and my blog, enjoy reading.

Wojciech Lepczynski time
Wojciech Lepczyński – How it started and how it is now 😉


On the blog I will put up free articles related to the cloud computing and automation. You will find a lot of advice and considerations mainly about the AWS and Azure cloud. By reading the entries, you will get to know my view of the cloud. The articles will help you understand it better and take advantage of its benefits. You will learn ways to automate certain processes and control cloud costs.

If my articles prove useful, let them find new readers, share them on the Internet.

I would be glad if you leave a nice comment or like my page on Facebook, or my YouTube channel.

Me – Wojciech Lepczyński


Wojciech lepczyński devops cloud aws azure
Wojciech Lepczyński – Conducting workshops in 2019

I have been working in the IT world since 2010.

I help create new projects, mainly cloud-based.

I optimize the environments so that they work efficiently within the assumed budget.

I help companies save money, not spend it unnecessarily on unnecessary cloud services.

I deal with process automation to make repetitive things done automatically.

I have confirmed my knowledge with a large number of valuable certificates, e.g.

certyfikat azure administrator associate

certyfikat Expert DevOps Engineer
certyfikat azure solutions architect expert
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
certyfikat ISTQB tester

I also officially became an AWS Community builder.

AWS community builder lepczynski 2022
AWS Community Builder 2022

My blog went to the finals of the IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco 2021.

Finalist cisco blog 2021

I have given interviews for newspapers and more.

interview in the newspaper Wojciech Lepczyński
Interview in the newspaper 2022

I helped create an advertising film for AWS.

aws movie community builders
Movie AWS community builders

I received an award from Thinkers360

Top 10 Thought Leader DevOps
This badge was issued to Wojciech Lepczynski on 29 July 2023
Top 10 Thought Leader IT Operations
This badge was issued to Wojciech Lepczynski on 04 February 2024.

If you want more, check out my LinkedIn profile, or my YouTube channel.


I am married to a wonderful woman and a dad of wonderful daughters with whom I spend my free time.

I like to go outside and photograph nature.

My passion is overcoming my limits, e.g.

bungee jumping
Bike Challenge 120KM
parachute jump
Leave your comfort zone – winter swimming

For some time I have been accompanied by words that I do not remember, where I heard: “Life begins where fear ends”.