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What does DevOps technical recruitment look like – podcast

how to recruit a devops 2024

Hi, I recently participated as a guest in the podcast “Technical Recruitment for DevOps”. I was invited by Mateusz Bogolubow from Below you will find a small introduction for less technical people, some of my thoughts and of course a link to the entire recording. The recording is in Polish, but English subtitles are available.

Who is DevOps?

The modern technology industry is developing dynamically, and one of the key players in this area is DevOps. This concept may seem mysterious to those outside the IT world, but understanding who DevOps is and what its daily activities entail is the foundation for today’s technology enterprises.

DevOps is more than just a job position or specialization. This is a concept of cooperation between Development (software creation) and Operations (systems management) departments, aimed at improving software development and implementation processes. It is a work philosophy based on the idea of continuous integration and software delivery, eliminating barriers between teams, which contributes to faster and more efficient product development.

Under the DevOps, there are various roles and specializations. A DevOps Engineer is often a person mainly responsible for automation and infrastructure as code. However, this is not a clear-cut position, as DevOps roles may vary depending on the needs of the organization. However, the common denominator for all DevOps is the ability to solve problems and the ability to communicate effectively with other team members.

For more on DevOps, check out podcast in Polish with English subtitles: Introduction to DevOps | First steps in IT #55 [IT podcast]

podcast wprowadzenie do devops 2023
Podcast – Wprowadzenie do tematu DevOps | 2023

Who can join the world of DevOps?

Who can join the world of DevOps? When recruiting for this position, it is worth having some experience in administration or programming. However, this is not always required for junior positions. However, it is extremely important to be open to continuous learning and acquiring new skills, which is basically typical of working in the technology industry.

Who is devops -
Who is DevOps?

Technical interview

The technical interview for DevOps, both online and offline, is designed not only to assess technical knowledge, but also analytical thinking skills and approach to problem solving. Questions may concern various technical areas, such as version control, containerization, automation, networks or cloud computing. I will reveal some of them in the podcast. It is also important to communicate well in English, because DevOps often cooperates with international teams.


Topics covered during the “Technical Recruitment for DevOps” recording:

  • Wojciech Lepczyński – who is he and what does he do?
  • Who is DevOps and what does it do?
  • Can anyone apply for a DevOps position?
  • What does the task before a recruitment interview look like?
  • Who is a recruiter for a DevOps position?
  • Differences between online and offline technical interview
  • Preparing for an online interview for a DevOps position
  • Questions and tasks during recruitment for DevOps
  • Recommended books for people preparing for an interview for a DevOps position
  • Wojciech Lepczyński – contact
Rekrutacja techniczna dla DevOps-a | Pierwsze kroki w IT #80 [ IT podcast ]


To sum up, working in the DevOps area requires not only solid technical knowledge, but also communication skills and flexibility in the approach to changes. It is a fascinating and dynamic environment that is constantly evolving, and those interested in this field have countless opportunities to develop professionally and earn good money.

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