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How I renewed my Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate

How to renew Azure Solutions Architect Expert 2022

Hi, from this post you will know how I renewed my Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. This will be a short entry as it didn’t take me long time. As for me, the ability to renew earned certifications is great.

I remember that I spend a lot of time preparing for the certificate and the exam itself wasn’t easy. Fortunately, the renewal can be taken at ease and without stress.

Microsoft reminded me probably six months before the certificate expired that I could renew it. I just got an email. I was happy because I renewed my Azure Administrator certificate in 2021 and it went quickly.

2022 renev exam Azure architect

As a reminder, I will write down the most important information:

  • You can renew your certificate six months before it expires,
  • You don’t pay anything for renewal,
  • If you fail, you can try again,
  • After a second unsuccessful renewal you have to wait 24 hours for the next attempt and so on until you pass or the certificate expires,
  • If the certificate expires, you do not renew it. You must then retake the normal exam.

Of course as soon as I got the email I didn’t renew the certificate. When I remembered that I had a certificate to renew, I got a little stressed because I thought it was past due. Fortunately, I was wrong. After logging in, I saw the information that the certificate was still valid for 113 days. So that means I still have plenty of time to renew.

Azure renev certification solution architect

My good advice, when you get an email that you can renew your certificate, it’s best to write a reminder in your calendar, or several reminders 😉 .

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert – renewal

You can renew the exam by accessing the Renewal for Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert page, or for example by logging into your Microsoft Learning Dashboard account.

2022 renev exam cert azure
2022 renev microsoft devops engineer expert

I decided to take the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert exam renewal without any prior preparation. I’ve been dealing mostly with the AWS cloud for over a year now, so I may have forgotten a bit of information regarding Azure .

I proceeded to renew the exam, clicked “Renew” and it began :).

I started the online test, which I had 45 minutes to complete.

Fortunately, it turned out that the test was not that difficult and I passed it without any major problems ahead of time. When I finished the test a very nice message “Congratulations you passed” was displayed.

2022 azure congratulations exam solution architect

I am not proud of the result. Fortunately, it allowed me to pass the exam and not think about it any longer. As you can see, I do not pass everything at 100% 🙂 .

2022 azure scored

I learnt from the summary what areas I needed to improve and this is what I did before writing this article and will probably continue to do after writing it. Even though I passed, I am going to work on the areas where I made mistakes.


Renewing this exam in my opinion was easier than Azure Administrator. What is easier for whom is relative and depends largely on their experience so I won’t write too much about it, that’s just my feeling. If you have also renewed your certificate let me know what your impressions are and what you think.

For those who have not yet renewed their certs, I wish you good luck and as you can see, it’s not that scary.

It is certainly worth remembering to renew your certificates. It is a small part of the time you have to spend on it. Especially compared to preparing for a regular exam and it doesn’t involve any stress or cost.


1 thought on “How I renewed my Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate”

  1. I use Azure less and less but I still have the knowledge 🤓

    I renewed Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert
    I passed at the first attempt 🥳.

    But I will still educate myself, it’s good to stay up to date😄 and it also works great with DevOps😁
    It’s been a while since I wrote this article, but it’s still up to date 😁

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